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Government Publications

US Dept. of Agriculture Technical Bulletin “Guide for the Design and Implementation of Sandbed (Sub-irrigation) Watering Systems”

(Based upon the low water-use irrigation system used at Oregon Small Trees Nursery.)

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Fine Gardening Magazine

The Need for Seed?

Nimble Nurseries In Tougher Economic Times, Being Small Can Have Its Advantages

The Secret to Oregon's Success

Small Conifers Are Big News

See how six Oregon nurseries are making their way along the road to sustainability.


Newspaper/Magazine articles

Smaller is Better for Oregon Small Trees

Nursery receives grant to study sandbed fertigation

Nursery profile: Oregon Small Trees

Unusual dwarf and miniature conifers and how to choose and care for them: The Pecks
The Oregonian/OregonLive September 11, 2016

oregon small trees oregon small trees oregon small trees